By Paige Giveaway!

See below for what’s to love about By Paige. And then leave a comment below if you’d like to be entered to snag one pair of these Bear Baby Shoes!

I’ll use the same very technical selection process of picking a name out of a hat (or the pencil holder on my desk) on Friday, so enter by Midnight PST on Thursday to be considered. Good Luck!!

Needlepoint Baby Shoes

by paige baby shoes

baby booties


  1. My brother & his wife just had a baby at the end of January. I’d love a pair of these to send to my new niece!

  2. I absolutely love the little crocodile pink ones! Wouldn’t it be cute if they made leopard matching ones for Mom & baby? Yum!

  3. These shoes are so cute. Love all the ideas from you site.

  4. Emma would forever hate me if I didn’t leave a comment! How adorable are those shoes!!

  5. I have a baby niece that would look adorable in those!!!

  6. These would be perfect for any future grandchildren . . .

  7. These are the most adorable things! I love I love I love!

  8. If that Patti gets another free gift, I quit!
    No only kidding, But I would certainly like to win these so I could give them to my daughter and her husband! Hint Hint!!!

  9. Sign me up for those bad boys….I have a new baby nephew that would go ga ga over them!!

  10. Those are just adorable!!

  11. How cute are these?

  12. These are so cute! Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  13. Yay! Those are so cute!

  14. Count me in!

  15. I’m in!

  16. I want the crab ones. Or maybe a pair of Dickinson Red Devil ones.

  17. how sweet!

  18. too cute. count me in!!

  19. Those may the cutest things I have ever seen! I must have a pair!

  20. so so so so cute!!!!

    Ummmm technically, I’m not a part of the family…so doesn’t that make me an fair contender?

  21. I have a brand new niece that would look adoreable in these. Please enter me.

  22. OH MY GOODNESS! Those are adorable. I am due with my first child in June and he would look so precious in a pair of those. Thanks!

  23. Yes! I need these for my BFF!

  24. Cute! Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks.

  25. I want a pair! Maybe I’ll be a grandmother someday!!!!

  26. These are adorable and would be great for my new nephew

  27. All I do lately is buy baby gifts. These would be the best, most talked about gift at my next shower!

  28. My 12 week old son would look great in those adorable shoes!

  29. Baby #2 is on the way and I would love a pair of these for him/her. So cute!!!

  30. I would love to win these for my sister in law’s baby boy who is due March 4th! Enter my name please and I’ll cross my fingers! Thanks – love your site. :)

  31. Love these!

  32. I love those shoes! I am thinking about ordering the sailboat shoes for a friend’s shower and the zebra shoes for myself. Cute idea!

  33. I love these…perfect for my new baby due this summer.

  34. These shoes are adorable and I would love them for my 2 week old little boy!!

  35. These shoes are the cutest thing ever, what a great shower gift! I would love them for my unborn nephew!

  36. I know I am probably too late but I thought I’d enter anyway. They are just too cute to not try. I love your website.

  37. My cousin is expecting her first, a boy, due March 4th and these shoes would be a great gift!

  38. Love them -

  39. too late to enter, but they are adorable!

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