Everything in Bags

SPLURGE of the Week: Kate Spade Rubber Tote $95

Sure, it’s pricy for a rubber bag. But it’s sturdy and it deters stains like a champ — anything that sticks can be easily wiped off or hosed down. Sandy beach supplies, muddy garden tools, the random bits and pieces that accumulate daily at the bottom of my purse? Please. I challenge you to find [...]

Day-Lab BMX Tote $25

A silk screened image of a BMX bike on this 100% cotton tote inexplicably reminds me of Paris. So if you see me cruising around with brie and baguettes peeping out of my bike bag, don’t be surprised. at day-lab.com

Ballard Petite Monogrammed Tote Bag $19*

I have fond memories of my first lunchbox. A few days before first grade, I hand-picked a glorious yellow Cabbage Patch Kids number from among the rows of Snoopys, Smurfs, and Barbie Dolls. Sadly, I’m not sure where that lunchbox is now, but I have a worthy replacement these days. The Ballard petite monogrammed tote [...]

Fred Flare Anchor Duffel $24

This patriotic, nautical-inspired duffel probably feels most at home on the beach in Nantucket or at a clam bake on the Cape. But that won’t stop me from toting it around Manhattan. Whatever, it’s an island too. at fredflare.com

Accessory Network Floral Crochet Bag $17.90*

After some serious searching, I think I’ve finally found the perfect summer handbag. This cute carryall has it all—crochet craftsmanship, creative design, magnetic closure, interior pockets and, at the top of my list, it can actually hold my wallet, keys, a book and cell phone without popping at the seams or looking like lug-worthy luggage. [...]

Tara Jarmon for Target Round Handle Bag $30

Just in time for summer, this canvas bag features fun plastic hoop handles and whimsical charms, ribbons, and a keychain additions. at target.com

SPLURGE of the Week, Part I: Meleana Holo Holo Bag $145*

Anyone who doesn’t love LL Bean canvas tote bags raise your hand. Great, we all agree they rule. They’re durable, unique (with your initials!) and classic–which make them my go to carry-all every summer. That is until I saw these bags. They’re created and hand made by Meleana, who manages to perfectly meld her native [...]

SPLURGE of the Week, Part II: Meleana Nui Loa Bag $145

Everything mentioned above and then some. at meleana.com

LuLu NYC Moc Croc Frame Wallet $20

No matter how much I try to organize, my wallet is constantly a hot mess. There are ticket stubs, bus passes, metro cards old and new, (hardly any) cash, and receipts galore. It makes for an embarrassing interaction when I go to pay for something and my stuff is overflowing everywhere. But at least with [...]

Isaac Mizrahi Small Straw Clutch $20

I can’t quite figure out the reasoning behind the bitty metal feet on the bottom of this vintage-inspired clutch. Aren’t they usually an addition to protect bigger bags from the floor? Either way, the random feature won’t stop me from snatching one up. It’ll look great with almost everything in my closet. at target.com