Everything in Shoes

Mella Pineapple Flip-Flops $15*

You might have ten million flip-flops sqautting in your closet, but without this pink pineapple pair you’re missing out on a complete set, Del Monte. The fruity vibe will add some flare to your footsies and the Mella brand will ensure comfort. (If the pineapple peds are too preppy for your taste, check out Mella’s [...]

Gap Rope Wedge Espadrille $40

So spring is here, and cute wedges are popping up all over the place. Now, unless you have legs like Gisele (read: legs that take up 3/4ths of you body or more), the variety with ankle ties may not be such a good look. Which is why I love these Gap kicks. They elongate your [...]

Gap Pointed Flats $30

They’re not ballet flats, but they’re a close second. at gap.com

Target Mossimo Piper Cork Wedges $25

While Sharp Billy and I were at Target over the weekend, I spent the majority of my shopping time prancing about the shoe section in these wedges, mentally arranging spring outfits around them. And then trying to decide between the black and brown pair. The website says that they’re out of stock, but it’s worth [...]

Old Navy Flip Flops $5

I know you’re probably wishing I would add more whale-and-nautical-motif goods, so here you go. You’re welcome. at oldnavy.com

Payless Simona H-Band Sling Sandals $18

While it seems like I’m the only one not dating a Greek shipping heir these days, the least I can do is sport the style. (Plus I’ll be spared the annoying paparazzi.) These will look great with capri pants or simple dresses. at payless.com

Spiegel Satin Bow Skimmer $12*

I wish I saw these before I spent half a paycheck on the ugliest satin dyeable shoes I was forced to wear in a wedding last Summer. (I still cringe when I think about them.) Not only are they lovely, but since they’re flats you could be a dancing machine and not have to spend [...]

Spiegel Suede Ballet Flats $28

These pretty flats look (if you squint your eyes a little) exactly like my Delman ones. And at this price, I won’t have to live on ramen noodles for a month (again) to add them to my collection. *Down from $39. at spiegel.com

Delia’s Veronica Flats $34

Add a little bit of glitz to your Summer skirts with these fun flats. Hooray for dope, yet comfortable kicks. at delias.com

Old Navy Embellished Flip Flops $8*

OK, I know what you’re thinking: enough already with the whale motif. And I hear you. Sort of. But I saw these and thought that they might be a nice, easy choice for whale-beginners. (There are teeny raised whales all over them for added traction. . .and added fabulousness.) *Buy 2 or more pairs, $5 [...]