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Molton Brown Sheerplay Lipgloss Set $15

I discovered Molton Brown’s Vitamin Lipsaver years ago on a British Airways flight to London. It changed my life. OK, not really, but it made my dry lips feel (and look) worlds better, and it remains a staple in my purse. Not too long ago I tried their gloss and, once again, it made my [...]

Lulu Beauty Perfume in Starlet $40

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And whether you’re planning on spending it sipping champagne with your significant other or polishing off a bottle (or three) of red wine with your squad of significant singles, you deserve a little something fabulous. Enter Lulu Beauty perfume in all its glamorous glory. The [...]

Mark Kiss Xpert Lip Smoothing Treatment $5

It’s that time of year again. Without fail when the weather gets cold and windy, my smootcher feels like a little block of sandpaper. So for my comfort (and the comfort of my beau) I’m gonna give this smoothing treatment a whirl. Based on my love of the line, I have high hopes. at meetmark.com

Sonia Kashuk for Target Purse Brush Set $12.99

Great brushes, I have come to learn, can make even the dodgiest makeup translate beautifully onto your face. Sadly, the price of a brush at most makeup counters can make you feel like you’re being Punk’d. (Pardon? $87 for what?) Enter Sonia Kashuk and her line of quality brushes (and makeup.) This purse set includes [...]

The Body Shop Mango Moments Gift Set $12*

Happy New Year! This nifty little gift set includes a mini mango body butter, shower gel, and soap, as well as a pint-sized body buffer. The mango butter smells like Heaven, but check out other gift sets on sale and stock up on presents for the whole year. 2007 New Year’s Resolution: stop spending way [...]

Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel $3*

I’ll admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of Bath & Body Works (not counting when I was in the 7th grade and smelling like strong fruit was all the rage.) But these days it’s got a whole new vibe, and they carry a ton of great products, including C.O. Bigelow, Korres, and my personal [...]

Molton Brown Lounging Set $28*

Even if I didn’t love Molton Brown products like I love to breathe, I would still snag this set for the sheer fact that it’s called “Lounging.” It includes six bath treats that help you do the same: – warming eucalyptus bath & shower – inspiring wild-indigo bath & shower – re-charge black pepper body [...]

Mark Party Survival Clutch $22

For 22 bucks, pick up a luxe lip gloss at your favorite department store before your holiday shindigs. Or, get your savvy self over to meetmark.com and pick up an entire bag of swag. The faux leather clutch is packed with party essentials: mascara, liquid eyeliner, gloss, and eyeshadow. Easy + inexpensive = genius. at [...]

GIFT GUIDE: Skin Milk Hand Creme $5.49*

These days I’m washing my hands like Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets (read: very often) — it’s cold season and the subway is just sick all year long — so my skin is taking a hit. But I tried a new moisturizer and it’s a keeper. The entire Skin Milk line, including [...]

The Palm Gifts Monogrammed Soap 3 for $20

Looking back over the holiday weekend, I’d say it was pretty darn good. I ate some turkey. I got up at an insane hour to shop with friends. I got engaged. Yep, it was a better than average Thanksgiving weekend. I’m ridiculously excited and just starting to think about planning a wedding. This is a [...]