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Forever 21 Summertime Linen Dress $27.80

It seems like every time I visit the Forever 21 website (which is constantly–unless you’re my boss, in which case it’s infrequently and only on evenings and weekends) there are a bundle of charming new dresses. On one hand, it’s sad because the perfect party dress you peeped out three days ago is already gone [...]

Forever 21 Linen Tube Dress $27.80

This is a great dress to have in your closet for any random summer event that pops up. (Or, if your social life isn’t so happening, wear it work with a cardigan and ballet flats. That’s what I’m planning to do.) at forever21.com

Forever 21 Plaid Spaghetti Dress $27.80

This sweet linen dress screams “I’m at a barbeque.” And even louder “I’m the best dressed one here.” at forever21.com

Forever 21 Zip Zag Spaghetti Dress $27.80

Close one eye and squint the other and this dress is very reminiscent of a certain Italian designer that shall remain nameless. (I’ll give you a hint: it’s Missoni.) at forever21.com

Forever 21 Secret Garden Dress $27.80

The mixed patterns, the bowtie in back, the dainty cap sleeves, and even the name are just a few of the things I love about this dress. And it’s 100% cotton and fully lined to boot. Keep ‘em coming, please, Forever 21. at forever21.com