Everything in Gifts

Nantaka Joy Sweet Journals $12.50

Scalloped edges and beautifully delicate designs make these a far cry from your average journals. at raredevice.net

Violet Imperial Bird Sachets, $14

Lavender, lemongrass, sage, and vetiver (had to consult wikipedia for that last one) in a bird-adorned silk pillow make for a heavenly scented pj drawer, or a lovely hostess gift. at violet.com

Rock Scissor Paper 25% off Anniversary Sale

Rock Scissor Paper is having their anniversary sale and through Saturday, May 12th, everything (even clearance stuff!) is 25% off. I bought my Mom the personalized scooter stationery last Christmas (since she turned 50 last year–sorry Mom–she’s been “hinting” that she wants a Vespa) and she loves it. All prices listed below are pre-discount. (You [...]

NY Botanical Garden Painted Wood Trays $21.60*

If you’re the type of gal who throws summer garden parties, this painted wooden tray is for you. It’s square and bright with an antiqued finish, and would look so darn cute graced with cocktails or finger sandwiches. I wish I had a garden. *Down from $36. at nybgshopinthegarden.org

NY Botanical Garden Glass Dessert Plate $8

And don’t forget the white-sprinkled pastel cupcakes for dessert. They’ll look lovely on this dragonfly etched glass plate. And so will leftover cold pizza. at nybgshopinthegarden.org

GIFT GUIDE: MOMA Glass Ornaments $9*

These handmade glass ornaments are a lovely blend of sleek and classic. And they should blend beautifully with my Charlie Brown tree peppered with popsicle stick and cotton ball ornament “treasures.” *Down from $18. at momastore.org

GIFT GUIDE: Muji New York City in a Bag $14

This is the greatest set of wooden blocks I’ve ever seen. (And I’ve seen alot. Just kidding.) It comes with New York City icons: the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Guggenheim Museum, and MoMA’s original 1939 building. Plus, the wood is from from sustainable forests. Lincoln Logs, you’ve met your match. Pick up [...]

GIFT GUIDE: Rose and Radish Starfish Coasters $11.50

Bring a little Nantucket to your winter or to your favorite hostess with these paper starfish coasters. I have absolutely no idea how many come in a pack (maybe it’s hidden somewhere on the page, or maybe I’m blind?) but think of it as a little surprise when the mail man delivers the package. roseandradish.com

GIFT GUIDE: Garnet Hill Monogrammed Shopper $16

For the (preppy) fashion and eco-conscious, this fold-away tote is great for carting your holiday swag. You could also throw it in your suitcase as an extra bag for souvenirs. The possibilities are endless, people. It comes in seven colors with a choice of three different colored threads for the monogram. at garnethill.com

GIFT GUIDE: Skin Milk Hand Creme $5.49*

These days I’m washing my hands like Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets (read: very often) — it’s cold season and the subway is just sick all year long — so my skin is taking a hit. But I tried a new moisturizer and it’s a keeper. The entire Skin Milk line, including [...]