Everything in Gifts

GIFT GUIDE: Pink Loves Brown Lovely Bookplates $6.50*

Before you lend out another hardback from your precious David Sedaris collection, affix this sweet tag to (politely) remind the borrower where to return. They’re offered in a few different designs, and can be personalized or not. And while you’re over on the Pink Loves Brown site, you might want to peep some of their [...]

GIFT GUIDE: Jenny Bee Designs Prep by Month Calendar $15

Reading one of my favorite blogs this morning, I came across something that made me so happy. It’s a calendar. And it’s preppy. Imagine keeping track of my schedule this year with something other than cats or horses or the Simpsons. (For the record, I’ve never purchased any of these particular themed calendars, but I [...]

GIFT GUIDE: Tower of Coffee Mugs $16.95

Colorful cappuchino mugs make a great gift for the coffee lover in your life. As an added bonus, if you live in NYC (or any other city where 3 feet of space cost you a trillion dollars, give or take) they take up little space and look good doing it. Also, they make a non-offensive [...]

GIFT GUIDE: MOMA Dozi Paperclip Holder $20

For the nerd in you life, this plastic and magnetic steel paperclip holder is a sure bet. Speaking as a self-proclaimed nerd, this porcupine perched on my desk would make me happy every time I laid eyes on it. (It doesn’t take much.) at momastore.org

GIFT GUIDE: West Elm Baton Vases $4-$6*

Inspired by vintage design, these bright glass vases make a fab gift. Wrap up a few for someone on your list, or fill one with colorful buds and give to the hostess at your next holiday soiree. Plus, they look way more expensive than they are. (Bonus.) *Down from $9-$16. at westelm.com

GIFT GUIDE: J Crew Wool-Cashmere Gloves $19.99*

The ties and pom-poms make these textured gloves stand out a bit from the sea of cold-weather accessories. They also come in a million (six) colors so everybody can get a little somthing different in their stocking this year. Pair them with earmuffs for a truly retro feel. *Down from $25. at jcrew.com

GIFT GUIDE: MOMA Modern Kids Magnets $9

The title says “kids”, but I can’t think of one good reason you shouldn’t dole these out to the adult art lovers in your life, too. If you can, let me know. at momastore.org

GIFT GUIDE: Ann Taylor Pearl and Pave Cluster Bracelet $24.99

You’ll probably need at least two of these lovely cz and faux pearl bracelets. One to give your fancy friend and one for yourself. It’s the Holidays. That’s all the excuse you need, really. Down from $48. at anntaylor.com

GIFT GUIDE Fred Flare Pop Art Color Camera $14

What’s better than a great shot of your gorgeous mug? Four great shots, of course. Add Andy-Warhol like colors and it’s officially a work of art. Throw in a few rolls of film and a photo album for a fun gift and call it a day. at fredflare.com

GIFT GUIDE: Marc Jacobs Small Shiny Plastic Tote $32

The MJ site doesn’t so much fill you in on the particulars of this bag, except that is’s small, shiny, and plastic. Maybe that’s all you need to know. It comes in four other colors, and while they don’t have an e-commerce site, you could find the number of your nearest store and beg them [...]