Everything in Holiday

Old Navy Heart Socks $4.50

Stodgy argyle socks get a girly makeover with subtle, sweet hearts. Wear them on V-Day without admitting that you actually like the Hallmark Holiday. at oldnavy.com

Fred Flare Lipstick Pen $2

This year, I’m treating myself to something *real nice* for Valentine’s Day. (Note incredibly subtle movie reference. Any guesses?) There’s just something so impractical (or maybe practical?) and glamorous about this lipstick pen. And when it comes to buying presents for someone I love, I spare no expense. at fredflare.com

Girl Props Heart Earrings $4.99

I’m so not trying to steer you the wrong way with these attention-getters. You may scorn the idea of Valentine’s, but huge hanging hearts are nothing but a good time. And who knows, your cold heart just may warm to the holiday yet. (I’ll admit it, mine is starting to.) at girlprops.com

L.L. Bean Valentine Mini Tote $16*

Now I realize this faux-holiday is shamelessly commerical, but even for those without a sweetie it can still be a fun distraction from another boring Tuesday. (Chocolate, anyone?) If you’re not a fan of the mini-heart, check out the site for a million other sizes, patterns, and color combinations. *Add $5 for monogram. at llbean.com