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Pearl River Pencil Holder $6.50

I could think of so many things, besides pencils, to store in these fun little bags. Like colored pencils. Kidding, but I do use them to keep my makeup brushes safe, or to keep things organized in my black hole of a purse. at pearlriver.com

Muji Acrylic Frame $8

When I lived in London, I visited Muji about as much as I went to see Les Mis. Which was all the time. Every time I popped in I left with armfulls of great finds, and it’s stuff I’m still using years later. (Mainly because the brand emphasizes simplicity…their products are streamlined and elegant.) Sadly, [...]

Galison Stationery Set $9

It’s thank-you-letter-writing time! “What is that?” you ask? Well, in the days before email (can you even imagine a time?) people actually wrote and mailed thank you cards when they were given gifts. It may sound like a drag, but your Grandma will be so happy when she gets your note, and this adorable notepaper [...]

Snapdragon Cosmetic Bag $10

This mini PVC bag is just big enough to hold a few lip-glosses and eye shadows when it’s working as your makeup bag. But it’s cute enough to carry on its own so you could ditch your suitcase (aka purse) for a night and use this to cart an evening’s necessities. at chesterstyle.com