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Shop Intuition Sequin Greeting Cards $8.99*

I’m usually not a fan of receiving the dreaded B-day card that’s filled with the little “fall-outs,” but these sequin cards are so cute and festive, I had to take a second look. Just pen your message on the card, fill the envelope with some sequins, seal, stamp and send them off. They’re perfect for [...]

Fred Flare Lipstick Pen $2

This year, I’m treating myself to something *real nice* for Valentine’s Day. (Note incredibly subtle movie reference. Any guesses?) There’s just something so impractical (or maybe practical?) and glamorous about this lipstick pen. And when it comes to buying presents for someone I love, I spare no expense. at fredflare.com

MoMA Colored Pencil Set $8

Make room in your bag for these guys (as if you don’t currently have nine other useless things wasting space in there) and you’ll be so happy you did. You’ll always have cheap entertainment at your disposal, and you just may be inspired to create something you never would have if the extra pair of [...]

Galison Photo Album $10

I love the colors and design of this little book, which allows you to cart around and show off your photos with ease. It’s also a great present, and if you personalize it with pics for the recipient you look like a gift giving genius. at galison.com

PB Teen Paisley Pop Wall Decals $19

Get creative and jazz up your bedroom, bathroom, furniture, whatever, with these little guys. They come in a set of 50 and in a choice of 3 pretty colors, so you can go nuts. at pbteen.com

MoMA Life of the City Postcard Box $9.99*

If you love New York City, or if you love great photography, this box of postcards is a steal. There are 50 different images, so you could send one to somebody special almost every week of the year. Or, be selfish and display them around your home or office. (And a hint to the only [...]

Pearl River Triple-Fortune Soap $1.95

The sandalwood-scented, square-shaped soap is made even more exciting housed in its colorful little box. I like giving these little boxes of Heaven as hostess gifts. at pearlriver.com

American Apparel Nylon Gym Bag $17

Sure, you could use this gym bag to cart around your sweaty gear. Or, you could fold it up in a little ball, pack it in your suitcase, and tote it on your next trip to Paris. Then you could bring home all the chocolate and shoes you purchase along the way. at americanapparelstore.com

Kate’s Letterpress Notecards $5*

Get them while they’re hot, and by hot I mean five bucks. Kate’s Paperie is having their winter sale, and these notecard sets with sweet little “enchanted” designs, beautiful paper, and lined envelopes are a steal. *Down from $10. at katespaperie.com

Muji Business Card Case $8

Sleek and subtle, this aluminum case is a great little home for your business cards. It also works well for holding ID, a credit card, and some cash when you’re trying to keep things light. Plus you just look money whipping it out of your purse. And that’s certainly enough of a reason to fork [...]